VISIONS – Víctor BenUri

Empty, empty spaces, marble steps inside yourself.
Everywhere I see unknown faces
with their laughing and crazy eyes.

One of them told me:
—No more confused than you and I over these visions.

Did you hear me?
Did you laugh in front of the mirror?
— Then everything was empty
and the sands were held to the air.

Have you learned with the rain?
Have you seen the lather of your mouth?

Confused, confused visions.

Happiness and the accurate wound.
Sometimes a blow in my mind wakes up my blood
and I come back with the sudden fury of a hungry young man.

Death seems to tell me: —¡Hello my dear!—
¡What the hell! I have to say her —¡Fuck you dear lady bones!—
Nobody else will call to my door.
Nobody else will walk by my side.
Nobody else will masticate my name.
An owl picture has been in my dreams.
Figure it out yourself when no one cannot embraces you.
At least you have your own strength to master the confusion.
Take a breath poor child,
pain will disappear like the mist in the night.


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